HOT RIGHT NOW: Inshore Fishing

HOT RIGHT NOW: Inshore Fishing

The inshore sportfishing scene off the Sunshine Coast is alive right now, the variety is insane. If you’re into high speed animals, well then you need to be on the water with us right now. Most of our fishing right now is inside 1 nautical mile from the coast. Bait is lined up along the back of the beaches and everything is waiting there for it. Birds are dropping from the sky, whales and dolphins are exploding from the depths and even large sharks are feeding on the balls of tiny bait. It certainly is a National Geographic scene out there.

As for the fishing, it’s an anglers dream. Tuna are thick, there are Spanish mackerel being caught on the cast, Cobia in amongst there too. Just outside the dirty water there are good numbers of Black Marlin and we have even seen Sailfish lately. The number of sharks around has to be record breaking so we have been giving the bottom fishing a miss more often than not, however, the usual inshore suspects are there: Trout, Sweetlip, Jewies, Cobia and Cod.

This year charter vessels are exempt from the Spanish Mackerel closures in place so if Spaniards are your thing, your best chance is to jump on with us while this weather holds out and the fish are thick!

Our techniques and tackle being used at the moment involve casting the Nomad 105 sinking riptides into feeding fish, this has been getting Tuna and Spanish. Soft plastics have been getting sent in there as well. Trolling divers and dead baits are also accounting for their fair share of Mackerel. As for the Billfish, we have been trolling teasers and garfish as well as bait and switching fish. Some boats have been live-baiting for them but most of the bait is on the move and hard to stay on top of.

We hope to see you on the water with us while this fishing lasts!

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