2022 Fishing So Far

2022 Fishing So Far

For most of us, 2022 has been the year of wind and rain. Unfortunately for most travellers to the coast it has limited opportunities through many of our peak fishing times for desired species. Early in the year, we had an excellent run of juvenile Black Marlin; the fish stayed reasonably wide around the Barwon banks, however a handful of lucky anglers jagged days with cobalt blue water close to the coast and capitalised.

The fish this year were excellent for us with fish ranging in the 50 to 90 kg class. As the weather has cooled, the sportfishing for Spanish Mackerel and Longtail Tuna has been second to none. Longtail Tuna sessions regularly went well into double figure days and we had similar figures on the Mackerel too. The Coral Trout also put on a show this year. Live baits being the key, the size and numbers of fish are some of the best we have ever seen. Fingers crossed for the future. With a lot of Snapper being caught off peak as well, the winter is shaping up to be a cracker for them also. The weather through May has been a blow out so our peak heavy tackle time has been a non-event however for those that made it out there the water and bait was looking good. We fished the Newport Marlin Extravaganza this year and got a look at a couple fish however couldn’t get a fish to commit. Over the 2 days, a total of 8 fish were tagged and released. Now with winter here we will focus on fishing NE of Double Island Point in search of big reds and hopefully some big Kingfish and Amberjack. Keep an eye out for our next update!

Tight lines.

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